Seminole County voters approved a charter amendment in 2004 to “Establishes A Rural Area And Preempts Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Authority Within The Rural Area.”


“maintain a consistent policy for the Rural Area…one governing body to have final authority…”

The amendment establishes within the Home Rule Charter a rural boundary, defines rural lands and provides authority to amend the boundary and land use designations within the rural area to the Board of County Commissioners. This means that the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners has final decision making power on land use amendments on all lands within the rural area as established by this amendment whether located in unincorporated Seminole County or within any of the cities. The intent of the amendment is to maintain a consistent policy for the Rural Area by designating one governing body to have final authority on proposed land use changes and development within the rural area

An informative single page handout of the Home Rule Amendment issue is useful for printing and sharing. Home Rule Amendment Handout – 11″x17″ (PDF) [203KB]

Frequently Asked Questions are available to give you straight-forward answers to common questions about the Home Rule Charter Amendment.

To read more about the Rural Boundary in Seminole County, click here to visit the Seminole County Government website