Please take an interest in this Seminole Commission [District 3] race and join me in voting for and supporting Lee’s re-election. 

He is the Commissioner who strongly supported voting down the multistory Apartments on Balmy Beach—he supports maintaining the comp plan to limit massive developments in East Seminole. The opponent is recruited and funded by the ousted State Legislator who is a partner in the giant proposed development near Lake Jessup and the Black Hammock—when the developer was voted down he declared to oust every Commissioner who voted against his project and didn’t agree to override the County’s rural lands protections to us benefit.

Lee helps keep our lake quality (Bear, Brantley and Orienta are active concerns in his District) safe from polluting storm water.

His years in the State legislature and as Commissioner/Mayor of Altamonte Springs give him clout beyond our corner of Seminole County.

Besides all that, his Charity Challenge fundraiser has raised and donated millions of dollars back to small and large recipients for over 30 years.

Knowing the lobbyist’s campaign style, you will receive a barrage of nasty mailers accusing Lee of all kinds of stuff—I have known Lee and his entire family for well over 30 years. He is a kind, smart, and caring person. His UCF allegiance is incomparable, his friends are for a lifetime, and he’s a tough demanding boss who expects results and gets them. He’s survived politics before and has developed a good thick skin.

Bottom line, Lee is a good commissioner, serves the public interest well, loves his county and state and wants to preserve all that we enjoy. I could only wish for more elected officials like him.

It would be a travesty to allow a power-brokering lobbyist to run him out of office just to get a massive development approved and turn Seminole County into another Orange County.

Please pass this on and ask others to join in voting for Lee Constantine this fall.

-Bev Winesburgh, former Chairwoman of the Board, Seminole County Chamber of Commerce

Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine Interview for 2020 East Side Regional Hob Nob

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By Scott Powers
Florida Politics
June 18, 2020

There may be no more fiery local races in Florida than the ones that set up last week when two Republican Longwood commissioners jumped in to make late challenges to two longtime incumbent Republican county commissioners.

It’s all playing out under the specter of involvement by controversial Seminole County mover-and-shaker Chris Dorworth. The former Republican state Representative, once in line to become House Speaker, was openly furious when the commission rejected his River Cross land development deal in 2018, and then rejected a settlement proposal this spring. And two of those commissioners are now finding themselves in tough primaries, and charging that Dorworth is trying to take them out.

Former Longwood Mayor and now Longwood City Commissioner Ben Paris also this month entered a challenge to a fellow Republican, County Commissioner Lee Constantine, in the August 18 primary. There’s also a newly-entered Democrat in the November election for that seat, Kim Buchheit.

Constantine and Dallari provided critical no votes to defeat the development. Those commissioners now point at the late entries of Paris and Morgan, and contend that Dorworth is seeking to oust the incumbents, so that he can get control of the commission, or that Dorworth is just seeking revenge.

But this summer, in Seminole County, the River Cross development and the broader issue behind it — whether county officials will allow development east of the rural boundary that voters approved in a referendum nearly 20 years ago — is almost universally a conversation changer in county politics.

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