Dear Commissioner Constantine,

I am writing to express sincerest “Thanks!” for your personal interest, dedication and support of Seminole County and our Sabal Point Community, and to wish you success in this current re-election campaign.  

When our neighborhood faced the threat of extensive development on our closed Sabal Point Golf Course, you listened to residents’ concerns, became actively involved, and played a critical role in negotiating a settlement between the homeowners and the developers.  The final agreement preserved over 85 acres of environmentally-sensitive open space land and helped the community obtain funding support for maintenance of the property.  Today our residents, visitors and neighborhood wildlife enjoy the benefits of the undeveloped recreational areas and waterways.  We appreciate also your strong voice and leadership on all matters related to future development and environmental protection in Seminole County.  Thank you again!

Wayne Hunicke
Sabal Point Community
Longwood, Florida
June 26, 2020