The citizens have spoken – and it has been my honor to help them defend Seminole County’s Rural Boundary. Over the last few years, I have voted to defeat the River Cross project, fought against legislative amendments that were designed to circumvent the county’s protection of the Rural Boundary, and led the charge to “Stop the Swap” of our Econ River Wilderness Area. I PLEDGE to continue to preserve and defend our Rural Boundary and Seminole County’s natural lands.

Below, please find various links to the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website to help you cast your ballot when you are ready to vote this election year. I humbly ask for your vote for Seminole County Commission, District 3.

Here’s the first step: Are you registered to vote in Seminole County? Check your voter status/record on the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website.

If you’re not registered to vote or need to update your voter information, click here.

Second step: There are three (3) ways for you to vote:

  1. Vote-by-mail (ballots are mailed between July 9 and July 16)
  2. Early Voting
  3. Election Day voting (Tuesday, August 18)

Third step: Know which election you can vote in.

The PRIMARY ELECTION will be on Tuesday, August 18th and ONLY registered Republican voters can vote for me in this particular election. 

If I win the primary election, then I will go to the GENERAL ELECTION on Tuesday, November 3 where ALL REGISTERED VOTERS (Republicans, Democrats, NPAs, and Independents) will have the opportunity to vote for me.

How you can help me win these elections to ensure the safety of the Rural Boundary?

  1. VOTE Lee Constantine for Seminole County Commission, District 3
  2. LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT on my Facebook and Twitter pages
  3. Consider making a small contribution to my campaign to help me Defend the Rural Boundary
  4. JOIN my campaign email list to receive important updates about my campaign efforts
  5. Request a yard sign to place at your house or business (campaign can deliver)
  6. Make phone calls from your home (campaign can provide a call list)

Thank you for your support!

Your Servant,

Lee Constantine